– It all starts with design and we can build any style construction if you have good plans.  We can make it easy on everyone if the plans are clean and complete.  We love creativity and enjoy taking ideas into reality.  We know budgets can play a factor in design, if you’re not a creative person let us help by making a plan that fits your budget and dreams in Costa Rica.


– Building a house is one of the most amazing processes a person can go through in their lives. If everything goes smoothly and as planned, the experience should  end up in a dream come true. To increase chances of achieving your dream and to avoid the experience of building a house becoming a nightmare, execution of a proper construction agreement and professional plans is necessary.


– Before choosing someone from the word of mouth, website they have, or from who they know, you should ask around town and check referrals if the builder or developer is reputable, experienced and responsible. Costa Rica is a small country, so just by asking people around you can get an idea of how well-known the builder or developer is.


– A good construction agreement must also clearly identify what are the duties and obligations of the builder.  To avoid confusion and potential conflicts, we include a list of obligations that is consistent with the process under which you are hiring us to do.


– Every construction project in Costa Rica must have a professional in charge; an engineer or architect who is responsible for the right construction of the house or premises being built.  They are also in charge of making weekly inspections allowing our team to ask questions and double check the work being done.  This gives you the satisfaction as well that quality is being controlled.


– It is very important to agree on the term within which the finished construction must be delivered and the penalties for not complying within said term. These penalties, besides working as compensation for the late delivery of the construction, are also an incentive for us to deliver the finished construction in time.


– We include a detailed description of the kind of finishes and fixtures that the construction must have when delivered to the owner. If known we include said finishes and fixtures, but also  brands, if possible. The more detail that  is provided, the better for all parties.


– We help you to find the materials that best fit your budget and design.  We work will vendors from around the World to find the best quality and prices.


– During a construction project it is not rare for the owner to request changes that may cause delays or even increase the cost. Include provisions on the procedures that must be followed for the inclusion and implementation of a change to the original design and how it may affect the original cost or time.


– A very common question is average construction costs, this figure is base on many things like terrain, design, retaining structures, location and finishes.  Our goal is to give clients a finished turnkey costs including furniture, pools, entry features, water purification, security systems, solar system and all unique details we enjoy doing.


– The payment schedule are typically 30% at start, another 30% when the roof is ready to be installed, 20% when we begin floor tiling and final upon 100% completion. We will clarity on when and under what circumstances a payment becomes due in contract.


– Construction permitting is about a 45-60 day process once the final plans have been approved. It is very important to have all the needed documentation ready before submitting so that your plans do not get pushed to the bottom of the pile.


We guarantee our work and per law it’s for two years labor related and five years for structural.


It is also highly recommendable to agree on final inspection and approval by the owner prior to final delivery and acceptance of the finished construction. This allows repairs to be made accordingly and reduces the chances of further complaints.