Have you ever dreamed of living in a tropical destination?
With mountains, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife?

Not only a simple destination where you will find yourself integrated with nature, but also one of the healthiest living environments across the world.

Where do we start … The Osa Peninsula captures the heart and soul of those seeking ecotourism, sustainability and happiness.  Many visitors come to experience the jungle and relax from the fast-paced work and lifestyle. In recent years, we have seen more and more like-minded people choose to come and live this incredible lifestyle.

For Paradise Homes, Costa Rica is our home.  No matter where you go, you will find yourself in the heart of Costa Ricans (or as we call them Ticos and Ticas), humble but lively and educated people they will show you everything they have with a smile. If you are looking for a place to immerse yourself in a healthier life and appreciate peace, diversity and culture we recommend you explore our surroundings and experience nature like never before.

Building a house, be it the first, the second or simply an investment, is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. To make your transition smooth, Paradise Homes focuses on providing optimal time and personalized attention to both clients and projects.

Our team is made up of committed Costa Rican professionals who have extensive experience that offers clients 100% satisfaction with the finished product. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. We got it right the first time!

For more than two decades, We have demonstrated our vision by creating more than 50 luxury homes and communities, integrating them with the natural landscape to enhance privacy and preserve unspoiled panoramic views. Despite the extensive architectural portfolio, the first thing we seek to contribute is the quality of the details that remain resilient in this climate and environment. And this is the design signature of Paradise Homes!